Sunday, June 16, 2024

Your Customers’ Rights

Customer Service

We teach our employees that our customers have the right to be treated with respect.  And they have the right to equal and fair treatment.

And let’s not forget old faithful:  The Customer is Always Right.

While these tenets of business should (usually) stand in the name of good customer service, a customer’s rights are really more user-driven.

What I mean by that is, at the basic level, your customers are in charge of their own rights.

Your customers have the right to:

1) Pay no attention to you if your messages are irrelevant

2) Dislike or distrust you if you try to manipulate or lie to them

3) Choose someone else instead of you to provide a similar product or service

Don’t give your customers a reason to execute their rights.

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One Response to “Your Customers’ Rights”
  1. Customers are kings and queens. Businesses can’t just manipulate them in today’s landscape not like before where what businesses advertise goes. Its really important for businesses to realize that customers are the one that makes the buying decision.

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