Sunday, June 16, 2024

Case Study 2

UPT Logo Case Study

Client Needs:

1) To develop an Internet presence that can be easily found by local traffic and insurance providers.

2) To fulfill a personal mission of educating her patients and others about chronic swelling and Lymphedema.


More in Store Marketing, LLC, developed the website, assisted with content development, created an ezine and directed offline promotion. Currently project is SEO.

1) Physicians and patients easily find and visit website to learn about her services and utilize online resources.

2) New website has expedited her acceptance into patient insurance plans, resulting in more timely reimbursement.

3) Patients can download information forms prior to their first visit, making the registration process seamless and simple.

4) Developed an ezine (e-newsletter) to educate readers about Lymphedema. As planned, people outside of the local community are finding her website and subscribing to her ezine, thus helping to fulfill her mission of education.

5) We also generated offline publicity that resulted in a local newspaper feature story.

6) We maintain a working relationship with United Physical Therapy (UPT) to manage her ezine and optimize the site for chosen keywords. A full 75% of UPT’s website traffic is from organic search engine marketing.

Client Feedback:

“I have been fortunate to work with Stephanie from the inception of my business. After searching for the right company to market my business, More in Store Marketing quickly became the clear choice for me.

“Just one of the strategies Stephanie implemented resulted in great local buzz about my services. In fact, nine months later I’m still getting new patients as a result of this one simple strategy. And she continues to assist me with another strategy that I’m confident will improve patient satisfaction and loyalty.

“I am in healthcare. Marketing is not my forté. I feel totally comfortable specifying my needs and letting Stephanie come up with the end product. I have never been disappointed in the options she has presented. I have worked with other companies who I thought listened to my ideas and needs, but when they presented their work, I wondered who they were listening to! Not only did Stephanie listen to my ideas and needs, but when I saw the finished products, they were polished beyond any concept I could have imagined.

“Stephanie has the ability to think progressively. She has assisted with logo design, newspaper and radio ads, and publicity, but my absolute favorite is the website design and capabilities. I have gotten great feedback from my patients, and the content on my website has even expedited my practice’s acceptance into patient insurance plans. I cannot say enough about Stephanie’s abilities to promote my business. I highly recommend her and More in Store Marketing to my friends and colleagues.”